Helping people Discover the many benefits of CBD is what do!

CBD is a new health concept for most people. 

From the beginning, our mission at CBDiscovery Club has been to help people discover for themselves the natural benefits of CBD.

We did that by launching the first curated CBD subscription box  shipped to customers nationwide.

CBDiscovery Club ~ Where people go to Discover CBD!


A Word from Our CEO

Welcome to the exciting world of CBD! 

By now you probably know there are many ways to get CBD into the body to activate the Endocannabinoid System everybody has. Whether it's a tincture, cream, salve or capsule. Maybe you like your tea or coffee infused with CBD or your water flavored. Or maybe you enjoy a bath bomb infused with CBD to take away pain or muscle soreness. Face and skin products to rejuvenate.  Fun stuff like CBD candies. Even weight loss products ... you can see the list is endless these days. 

The important thing is getting CBD into the body to activate those cannabinoid recepters your body has. Amazing isn't it? A plant so long villified is actually so incredibly medicinal!

I launched CBDiscovery Club with my team in 2017 in Las Vegas with the mission of helping people discover the incredible benefits of CBD. At the same time exploring all the many ways to take CBD. 

Here's how our subscription box works. First, we do the research for you. We find the most popular brands with the highest manufacturing standards, then pack an assortment of these products into our monthly box and dropship directly to your doorstep. 

Once you find a product in your box you really like, you can visit our CBD Superstore to order more. 

Want to explore the world of CBD and discover what CBD products work best for you? I invite you to try the industry's first curated CBD subscription service at 

Happy Discovering!

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