Helping people Discover the many benefits of CBD is what do!

CBD is a new health concept for most people. 

Our mission at CBDiscovery Club from the beginning was to help people Discover for themselves the natural benefits of CBD.

With that mission in mind, we launched the first Hemp-based curated CBD subscription box  shipping to customers nationwide.

CBDiscovery Club ~ Where people come to Discover CBD!



CBDiscovery Club was launched in Las Vegas Fall 2017 

After heading to the West Coast in 2016, Lee the company founder spent a year traveling 6 western states already engaged in legalized cannabis. He met many early business leaders engaged throughout the Industry's vertical. 

All the while Lee was looking for the best niche business opportunity. 

He soon realized it was the medicinal side of the plant that promised to have the most impact with consumers. Specifically the non-pychoactive part of the plant known as CBD. The CBD Industry was just beginning to emerge as the plant's miraculous effect on people's health became known.

Turning his attention to CBD, Lee and his founding team began researching the market. Soon the idea of a curated monthly subscription box was conceived. One that offered the average consumer a way to Discover the dozens of popular CBD Brands on the market. 

The result: CBDiscovery Club was launched and the Industry's first curated box began shipping to customers' doorsteps across the country. 

A word from CBDiscovery Club's CEO

Our mission to be the place ~ 

"Where people come to DISCOVER CBD" 

We believe one of the best ways to fulfill that mission is to introduce consumers to the many dozens of CBD Brands on the market today.

There are so many ways to activate the body's Endocannabinoid System with today's products: Creams & Sprays, Lotions & Salves, Tinctures & Capsules, Edibles, Candies, Water Flavorings, Teas & Coffee, even Pet Products. 

The choices are amazing, but for many, just as overwhelming are people's questions: Where to buy? What brand to try? Can I trust the product to work? 

That's where CBDiscovery Club helps. Each month we curate the most popular products with good reviews. Then we pack that month's products in our custom Discovery Club Box and dropship directly to your doorstep! 

So if you're interested in Discovering the many ways you can benefit from this amazing All-Natural compound? Try CBDiscovery Club's CBD Box. You'll be introduced to the many exciting products on the market, all the while receiving the value of our partnership with dozens of CBD brands. 

Happy Discovering!

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