Business Opportunity

Does joining the most life-changing  business opportunity to hit the Health & Wellness Industry in a generation sound exciting? 

Does the idea of transforming people's health  excite you? 

DISCOVERY CLUB is committed to transforming people's health by building the Most Exciting CBD Network Marketing Company in the World! 

"Bringing Wellness to the World!"

You Can Be An Affiliate Or Team Builder With Discovery Club

How often do you come across the opportunity to earn money, while at the same time making a truly dramatic impact on people's health and well-being?

Discovery Club offers 2 ways you can do that: (1) As an Affiliate; or (2) As a Distributor -- what we call our "Team Builder".

(1) Are you wanting to tell friends and associates about CBD, while getting compensated just for sharing the good news? Then become an Affiliate. Affiliates get paid when they share with their network the incredible benefits of Discovery Club's "Store in a Box" and that person becomes a customer.

(2) Want the exciting challenge of building a business as a Team Builder? You'll be helping others earn financial independence while creating your own! If that sounds exciting to you, then you'll definitely want to sign up as a  Discovery Club Distributor.

Either way, Discovery Club is all about getting the word out to people about the health benefits of CBD!

Social Media Has Revolutionized Network Marketing

Seen a good movie? What about a great new eatery in your town? Or a super sale on those workout shoes you just bought? We naturally want to share the good news with our friends. That's all social media marketing is. Sharing. 

The exiciting part about social media in today's e-commerce world is that you can get paid just for sharing! 

That means telling the world about Discovery Club's "CBD Superstore in a Box" and never leave your laptop or mobile device.

Want to go a step further and build a network of advocates like yourself? Our corporate team will help you become a Team Builder.

Remember, the average person in life works directly for a sale. But an extraordinary person -- we call a Team Builder -- builds a network that  generates hundreds, even thousands of sales,  they get credit for! 

Discovery Club offers the tools to help you become that extraordinary person!


Discovery Club is currently in Pre-Launch, making this a ground floor opportunity!

Meanwhile, as described above, you have a choice to share the news about Discovery Club as an Affiliate or Team Builder.

Our compensation software program when launched is will compensate down to 5-generations, along with an executive bonus plan for top leaders. We even have plans for a luxury car plan for top level leaders as well as luxury vacation/conference trips for top producers. 

During Pre-Launch our current website will credit your personal and team sales using a "Unique Sales Code" (USC) assigned only to you.


Discovery Club's Program Offers the Following 


An e-commerce website to share with your network. Our upcoming software program will create a replicated website that mirrors the company's site while acting as your own site. Any activity on your replicated site will automatically credit your account reflecting sales and downline team activity.

Mobile Friendly

Our software program will be mobile-friendly for bothApple and Android.

Social Media Marketing Tools

We will offer a Digital Toolkit complete with social sharing tools and an image library.

Knowledge Base

There is constantly growing data base of information on the benefits of CBD. As well, as the industry is starting to see more and more clinical testing validating CBD's incredible therapeutic value. We intend to keep our assoicates up to date on all news relating to CBD for your education and to pass along to your downline and customers.  


Discovery Club curates the most popular CBD products from over 50 CBD companies (and growing!). Thus our tag "CBD Superstore in a Box".

Marketing & Sales Training

As the company grows we will refine our training to better equip our associates to build their network and keep their customers engaged. 

Back Office

Our software program will offer a dashboard with a full array of tools to manage your business, including sales and downline team activity.

Customer Service

We plan to offer both AI (BOT) and Live customer support believing that superior attention given to both our assoicates and customers will assure the company's growth. 

Manufacturing & Distribution

As the company grows we have plans to move into white labeling our own brands with products proven to be popular with our customers.

As well, warehousing, fulfillment and shipping will be outsourced to an e-commerce center to insure efficient delivery of Discovery Club's subscription box.

Research & Development

We are already in discussion with a company out of San Diego affiliated with the Salk Institute and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) for clinical studies with their trademarked CBD products.

Future Plans

Discovery Club intends to become a world leader in the CBD industry. Within the next 12 months we plan to move into the Global marketplace which is alreaddy beginning to emerge.

Come Grow With Us!


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